Can you use a e cigarette while pregnant?

While it may be infinitely better to use an e cig rather than conventional cigarettes during pregnancy, the risks this poses to the unborn baby are still unknown. As an expectant mother, you may be looking at all the ways that you could give up smoking and it’s no surprise that many people wonder if an e cig might be the safest option to quit smoking. Currently, they are unregulated, which means they haven’t been officially tested to check for safety. So those expectant mothers that use them can’t be sure what they are breathing in through the vapour. This, in turn, is concerning as it’s impossible to know what kinds of chemicals are reaching the unborn baby.

It is understood by scientists that women who switch to e cigs during pregnancy may be unknowingly harming their unborn child. The electronic devices can be harmful to behaviour, co-ordination and memory. The researchers, who conducted the results have said that often women who smoke then switch to electronic cigarettes as a popular alternative, because they believe them to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. The research has also added to growing concerns over the safety of the electronic devices.

They are estimated to be used by 2.6 million British people, and while the effects of the electronic cigarettes aren’t instantly apparent they still provide a smoker’s high just without the full exposure to tar and other chemicals. Though they have been linked to cancer and lung damage. There are several smokeless products on the market, such as patches, chewing tobacco, as well as dissolvable tobacco. If expectant mothers are finding it difficult to quitting smoking during their pregnancy, then there are other methods to consider as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). There are FDA-approved ways that NRT can help these include, inhalers, nasal spray, patches, and lozenges.

Taking all this into account it is perhaps a good idea to avoid using electronic cigarettes or any other nicotine products during the entirety of the pregnancy. This will help benefit both the mother and the unborn baby from harmful chemicals and keep them healthy. It is well known that nicotine narrows the blood vessels, which prevents less oxygen from reaching the baby, and this could potentially affect how a baby grows.

If an expectant mother is current using e cigs to quit smoking, then it could help to discuss other alternative options with the midwife. They are trained to support you and may recommend using a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

There hasn’t been much research into how safe nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)is in pregnancy, however, the advantage is that it is available on the NHS, and it under strict control as to who uses it.

It’s quite understandable that electronic cigarettes are seen as a better alternative to cutting down on traditional cigarettes or quitting altogether, as they’re made to look and feel like a regular cigarette. Though the best thing is to ditch the cigarettes completely, whether they be conventional or electronic.

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