Transforming the Health Care Industry, The Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a real-time service that allows patients to communicate with their provider(s) via email, smart phones, video conference, wireless tools and other telecommunication technology means. This service not only decreases the overall cost of healthcare, but it also increases efficiency.

As perThe Wall Street Journal, “More than 15 million Americans received some kind of medical care remotely last year, according to the American Telemedicine Association, a trade group, which expects those numbers to grow by 30% this year.”

Consider the following list of 5 major benefits of telemedicine:


One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine is its efficiency. In the increasingly busy world we live in, the ability to chat with your provider during a 15-minute lunch or coffee break is invaluable. Rather than losing hours at the office to wait to be seen, patients can quickly connect remotely and in real-time. In the even that a physical exam or testing is required, additional appointments can be arranged. The advantage is that the important part of the doctor’s visit has already been taken care of.


Telemedicine has also allowed for the expansion of limited clinical resources that are essential for patient’s receiving high quality care. Consider palliative care, for example. This area of health care requires a significant amount of home-centered care that often involves a large amount of time. Telemedicine has allowed these visits to be increased, since augmenting home visits with telemedicine adds to the number of times these patients receive the attention they need. In fact, it also serves as a fast-acting means of seeking help in times of crisis.


Telemedicine takes the level of communication between patients and their providers to the next level. Instead of passing information back and forth between different providers, a patient’s primary provider and specialists can easily communicate on the same telemedicine visit and see each other face-to-face. This ability allows providers to create collaborative care plans that are centered around the overall welfare of the patient and their families.


In addition to the improved communication, telemedicine allows patients in rural areas receive the care they need. It also allows patients in rural areas avoid traveling to a provider during harsh weather conditions. All in all, the accessibility of telemedicine benefits both the patient and provider. It removes a lack of technology from the equation and places accessibility and control in the hands of patients.

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And invest they should. According to ReportLinker, a technology company that simplifies the process in which analysts and decision makers obtain industry data for their business, the global telemedicine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 16.3% in the upcoming 10 years, reaching nearly $78.3 billion by 2025.

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