Ramp up Your Personal Style

Have you landed in a fashion rut? Do you shun at the barrage of fashion and styling advice that’s coming from just about every media source? Celebrate who you are and your own beauty. Healthy and strong is the new beautiful. If you don’t feel good about yourself, your beauty will have a hard time shining through. The first step in ramping up your own personal style is to focus on the three pillars of wellness. Be mindful of what you eat. Commit to exercise of any sort at least five days a week and finally, invest in your relationships with your family and friends.

Before you rush out and buy a new wardrobe in hopes of ramping up your personal style, give serious thought to just what it is that you hope to accomplish. The most important things to wear everyday can’t be found in a department store or boutique. Put on a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence and your beauty will begin to emerge. Top that off with the fun savings offered by Groupon coupons and indulge in a makeover at Ulta. There’s a never ending flow of makeup and body care products available and awesome staff to help you find your niche. Experiment, be creative, and step outside of our comfort zone. Make an appointment with your stylist and have a consultation about a new, up to date, hairstyle that fits your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at the changes just these two steps can make.

Finally, ramp up your wardrobe with the purchase of new accessories. Be bold with scarves, belts and fun jewelry. It’s easier and much less expensive to create your own style with accessories than it is to dump your entire closet in search of a new look. Spend time shopping for different styles and experiment. Add your new purchases to your new makeup and hairstyle, and together with your genuine smile, you’re sure to make a huge slash on your next outing!

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