Who Will New Vape Laws Affect?

Recent federal regulations have given the Federal Drug Administration more control over the electronic cigarette and tobacco industry. The new regulations state that any vaping products must be subject to government approval. Restrictions require merchants to check for identification, desist free samples, print health warnings on all packages, no longer distribute in vending machines, and raises the age requirement to 18. So who will be affected by the new laws and how will it affect their business?

Vaporizers, , e-Cigarettes, hookahs, vape pens, Cartridges, Atomizers,E-liquids, cartomizers &clearomizers, E-liquid containers, drip tips, flavorings for ENDS, certain batteries, digital display or lights to adjust settings, cigars and pipe tobacco, tank systems, some programmable software, are now facing the same regulations as cigarettes.

eCig / Vape Manufacturers

In addition to electronic cigarette merchants and vape merchants, any e-Cig and vaping product manufacturers must also submit their products to the FDA for approval before it can be sold.

MerchantsThat Mix Their Own Liquids

All new products have to be approved by the FDA. The cost of the reviewal process can be as high as $1,000,000 effectively forcing small businesses to sell their products to larger companies that have already paid for the FDA approval.

eCommerce eCig / Vape Product Businesses

Previously, eCommerce companies did not have to register with MasterCard or pay the $1,000 per year fee to accept credit cards. But going forward, businesses that wish to sell vaping oreCigrelated products online or by the phone must pay $1,000 per year ($500 MasterCard to $500 Visa), register their website with bothMasterCard and Visa, and in most cases get a letter from a lawyer that states the business is in compliance with all applicable laws.

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